Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new web series: Cash

Since I have been on break for 3 weeks from school, I made the decision to draw more because I haven't drawn in a long time, and I missed it. I primarily do 3D work, but I can never forget my roots. On that note, I have been developing a story of a hitman named, "Cash" who not only idolizes the late great Johnny Cash, but he also prefers to be paid in cash for each hit he does. He is not a particularly complicated man, but when he is asked to change the way he does his job, he doesn't take too kindly to it. The Russian mob goes to Cash with a hit list. Usually Cash prefers one hit at a time, but the Russians want him to take out each person on the list. He doesn't know why, or how but Cash knows each hit is linked. Cash has an uncle who is the Police Captain and a real character. For development reasons, I have called him, "Uncle Mac" until I find a better name. So "Mac" finds a body that washes up in the river near Cash's apartment. Mac doesn't know Cash is a hitman, obviously but still considers him a suspect over time. So with the Russian mob and the local Police Dept. breathing down his neck, Cash has to figure out how to get his job done before either party gets to him. Part of the fun of doing a project like this is coming up with characters to develop both in writing and with the art. I LOVE drawing people so having interesting characters in the story is a real plus. Also, I LOVE Johnny Cash and to make a comic with a little hint here and there about "the man in black" has been a long time comin'. More to come soon. :)

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